Kues said only the top girls' basketball players in the region were invited to play on Westerman's team and Holy Cross was fortunate enough to have four players -- the three veterans and sophomore Tiffany McWilliams -- on the squad. Noll has played on Westerman's team for three years. Lantry was added to the roster two years ago and Bass came aboard last summer. Five years ago Westerman's heart was dying -- the victim of a hereditary condition called cardiomyopathy. He was told he had maybe two years to live unless he received a heart transplant. He was put on a waiting list for an operation.

Miraculously a donor was found. Then shortly after the heart transplant, he had bowel failure. He spent three months at the University of Kentucky Medical Center in Lexington. While there, players he had coached over the years visited him, sent cards, prayed for him.

"It was the most emotional experience I've ever had and it made me realize what coaching can do," said Westerman, who has spent 30 years coaching a range of sports at Notre Dame Academy, Holy Cross, Covington Latin and Thomas More College. There are many conveyancers who will help you save time and money both. There are many procedures that the conveyancers sydney companies undergo like undertaking searches, writing letters, typing documents etc. The conveyancer at no extra cost can actually gain more productivity. If the conveyancer sydney one has hired cannot actually do this, then it is time questioning their ability, the customers require the conveyancer who is self motivated to be on the toes.

He spent a year at home recovering and then little by little stepped back into a normal life and, thanks in large part to the girls, back into the passion of his life -- coaching. Noll said that Westerman's battle with illness and brave recovery spurred them to work harder on the floor. As Bass put it: "He is a good motivator." Westerman was humbled by the way the girls responded to him. "They said if you can do that (recover from so serious an illness) when you were told you would never walk again, never teach again, we can do this. We can win," he said. Westerman insists he got far more out the experience of coaching the girls than he gave. "There's not a day that goes by where they don't stop and ask me if I'm all right," Westerman said. "They'll put their arm around me and give me a hug. They really care about me. "All three of them have been very close to me," he said. "I wouldn't have been here if it wasn't for them."

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